AutoPay SAFE

AutoPay Safe

Protect your float from armed hold ups and theft with the AutoPay Cashier Assist Safe.

Fitting safely beneath your counter, the AutoPay features a 24-hour time delay lock and can dispense cash to corresponding EGM payouts, eliminating the need to keep notes in your cash drawer. It fully integrates with the CCU, OmniVision and cash reconciliations, saving you time, money and, above all, protecting your venue from theft at all hours of day and night.
Safe and secureReduces theft, shrinkage and armed hold ups
Protects your float
24-hour time delay lock
Eliminates the need to keep excess money in the cash drawer
AdvancedFully integrated with the Global System & OmniVision
Multi-purposeDispenses cash to corresponding EGM payouts
CompactCompact footprint can fit under-counter: 667mm (D), 400mm (W), 850mm (H)