Global CCU

Global Ingenuity

Global’s CCU (central credit unit) is designed to help manage your gaming venue securely and efficiently.

By automating the payout, this all-of-venue solution eliminates manual entry and the potential for human error. It underpins all of Global’s products, the starting point for a complete gaming venue operation. It’s simple, secure and reliable, and allows your venue to operate a real one-person operation.The Global CCU automates hand pay dockets, which helps to eliminate human error in processing. It simplifies the total management of your venue, from payout management to a total venue marketing solution.
Global CCU
Better ManagementAutomates hand pay dockets and reduces human error
Accounts for all gaming transactions
Protects gaming float from theft
Increases customer service and reduces costs
Real time reportsProvides real time analytics and completes end of shift /day/week/month reporting in real time
Conducts automatic cash reconciliations and auditing
ScalableEasy upgrades and optional add-ons of other Global products, such as Maxⓔtag, GlobalEye and Global Safe
FlexibleFacilitates TAB, Keno and EFTPOS payouts
NationwideOver 1,000 installations nationally