Global EYE

Global Intelligence

Global EYE – Real Time Analytical System

Keep track of all aspects of your gaming floor and streamline administrative tasks with Global Eye – our advanced real-time gaming analysis package.Global Eye allows you to monitor machines and overall gaming performance, as well as configure reports for all stakeholders. Our customers say that Global Eye saves them hours of work every week. It’s that easy.
Global EYE
Quick and easyUser friendly systems with minimal training required
Monitor performance and occupancy rates
Automate data entry when connected to CCU
Real time reportsProduce reports for all aspects of gaming, including board reports, performance by machine, daily trading, install base venue configurations and tax reconciliations
Real time reporting on EGM performance with colour coded performance ratio
User friendly reporting for EGM conversions and warranty analysis
Remote access to all reports and data
Performs EGM meter reads
Easy to access‘Set and forget’ reports – automated to send straight to your inbox
Remote access to all data and online assistance
Keep trackMonitor hot machines, peak hours of trade, when turnover is occurring on each machine