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Maxⓔtag – Total Venue Marketing System

Reward loyalty with freedom. Take control of how you promote your business while providing freedom and flexibility for patrons with the Maxⓔtag system.For venue operators, the advantages are even greater – low operating costs, increased loyalty, choice of incentives, increased communication with customers, comprehensive reporting and more.
Easy to useEngage customers with an interactive foyer terminal and easy-to-use hardware in each machine
ConvenientGive customers flexibility to put their machine in reserve mode, configurable by your venue
Better marketingControl your promotional budget by selecting your own rewards and customise venue-wide promotions
Professional audio messaging capability that can be designed to suit your venues marketing and promotional requirements
Offer a unique loyalty format – rewards and/or points – customisable venue promotions
Linked to point of sale (POS)
Build a valuable member database with segmentation technology
Real time reportsLive analytical reporting
Limited liabilityLimit liability with reward timeframe validation
Reward loyaltyComprehensive reporting on members play, visitation and rewards/points
Credits on card and tag redeemable at CCU or CRT
ProtocolsInterfaces with most protocols
Pre-commitment ready

How does it work

MaxⓔtagThe player is issued with a Maxⓔtag and fills out a membership form if required. 
MaxⓔtagThe player selects a gaming machine to play. 
MaxⓔtagThe player touches their Maxⓔtag on the Player Interface Module (PIM) to be logged in to the system.
MaxⓔtagThe player inserts money and begins to play the machine. 
MaxⓔtagWhen offered a reward, the player touches their tag onto the (PIM) and continues to play. 
MaxⓔtagThe player logs off using the Maxⓔtag on the PIM or it will auto log off. 

Flexible applications

Maxⓔtag can be used throughout your venues to reward customer loyalty and cross promote offers. This state of the art technology, which seamlessly and securely integrates with most Point of Sales systems, is available for Kiosks, Competition Barrels and Retail Printers. 

Retail and redemption terminals and printers

Maxⓔtag’s Retail Promotional Printer is the perfect way to communicate with your members every time they visit your venue. With intuitive controls and full flexibility you can configure your printers from the Maxⓔtag server to:  

Maxⓔtag Foyer Kiosks

Maxⓔtag’s stand alone foyer kiosk features an intuitive touch screen that enables you to: Maxⓔtag Kiosks provide an interactive “Doorman” to:  

Competition Barrell

Multiple competition barrels within your venues can be connected to the Maxⓔtag server to automatically reward your players in the gaming room. Each time they play, tickets will automatically print drop into the barrel ready for the prize draw. With full flexibility, you can manage the rewards according to your needs. The Maxⓔtag ticket spitter easily mounts on a wall. Alternatively, Global Gaming Industries can custom make a bracket and supply a chute and barrel to suit your premises. 

Maxⓔtag helps you promote responsible gaming

With so much discussion surrounding gambling addiction, its essential you’re your venue promotes a responsible approach towards gaming.The Maxⓔtag system will help your members manage their gaming spend with four easy steps. And, while it wont stop them playing, it will give them a friendly reminder when they’re about to exceed their nominated budget. Plus, as they leave your venue, they can generate a printed analysis of their gaming session.The Maxⓔtag gaming report will tell your gamers:  

Communication Solutions

Clear communication with staff and members in busy, noisy venues is absolutely critical to managing a successful operation. At Global Gaming Industries, we’ve introduced the Maxⓔtag Paging system and Audio system to keep your staff and customers informed.Choose the Maxⓔtag Paging transmitter and pagers to: Choose the Maxⓔtag Audio system to: The Maxⓔtag Audio solution can take advantage of your venue’s existing PA system to broadcast pre-recorded messages into all areas of your venue. Alternatively we can install a stand along system for the Gaming Room.Talk to us today about how we can enhance your venue communications. 

Maxⓔtag membership card options

At Global Gaming Industries our aim is to maximise your promotional solution within a realistic, cost effective budget. That’s why we’ve developed two options to suit the requirements of different venues.Membership TAGsAt Global Gaming Industries our aim is to maximise your promotional solution within a realistic, cost effective budget. That’s why we’ve developed two options to suit the requirements of different venues.Membership CardThe Maxⓔtag membership card is the ideal solution for venues that require personalised membership cards for every member. Each card can be fitted with a magnetic strip that interfaces with your venue’s Point of Sale system and stores up to 1kb of data. In doing so, it enables you to drive your business forward with a highly effective loyalty and rewards program.Talk to us today about Maxⓔtag options