Global Innovation

Global’s electronic ticket-in-ticket-out (ⓔTITO) system interfaces seamlessly into your current gaming venue, and creates a user-friendly credit system that all customers can use.

Cards or tags allow credits to be easily transferred between machines and are redeemable at the bar.With eTITO, this innovative technology is compatible with all existing machines – no need for EGM upgrades or the installation of new ticket printers.
Easy to useTickets/cards/tags are easy for customers to use and manage their credits
Credits redeemable at the CCU or CRT
InterfacesCompatible with all models of EGMs
Pre-commitment ready
Interfaces with most protocols
Safe and secureCredits on cards/tags transferrable between machine
ⓔTITO allows players to keep funds on their tag and redeem them at their leisure
Real time reportsAllows customers to put machine in reserve mode, configurable by your venue
Credits redeemable at the CCU or CRT
ScalableIncludes membership, promotional and loyalty functionality